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          Company Introduction

          Established in 1985 , Wingar-Kashing has been continuously offering stainless steel cutlery (flatware) to customers from all over the world. The excellent quality and service have gained lots of stable customers and has quite high customer loyalty in this business. Today Wingar-Kashing is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel cutlery in China.

          With around 180,000 square meters modern plant located in Xiamen city, Southeast of China, now we have over 350 skillful employees, including more than 50 engineers and technicians , its manufacturing operation boasts more than 500 sets of CNC machine, punching, grinding , plastic injection machines and other specialized facilities with an average output of 3 million pieces products per month. To ensure our products’ quality, we import prime raw materials and equipments from Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for our production.

          Our product range are including both Forged & Stamping all stainless steel products, plastic handles as well as kitchen utensils . With designers from the United States and Europe, Wingar-Kashing is constantly developing new products to lead the market at home and abroad. OEM and private label orders are welcome.

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