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          Company Culture

          Wingar-Kashing has consistently adhered to the quality policy of "good quality, customer oriented, broadens sources of income and reduces expenditure, sustainable development". And also set up the ISO90001 quality system team to implement and improve the enterprise quality management system constantly. Wingar-Kashing’s core business philosophy which is improving product quality and enhancing customer's satisfaction; In order to understand more about market dynamics and customer's requirement, our company continuous consultation with customers and implementation of customer 's satisfaction surveys to improve company's quality management system. Over the past years, our product quality and production technology have been continuously improved and the production output has been steadily increasing and the average monthly output is about 3 million pieces. During these years development, Wingar-Kashing becomes one of the leading manufacturers in cutlery line in the world.

          Meanwhile, as a “cutlery brand producer”, Wingar-kashing has established a framework in which the general manager is responsible for taking the lead in setting up an agenda for the other departments and has formulated and continuously improving a procedure documents system on social responsibility. Our company pays much attention to communication and training to the employees. We set up a specialized internal auditor team who is in charge of social responsibility. The internal auditors implement the workshop assessment monthly in order to accelerate sustainable development of social responsibility. Our company always keep doing our best in considering the employees' real interests, such as all staff fully insured, complete the working hours and payroll records, take a day off every week, annual leave with full pay, fundamentally protect the vital interests of employees. We were approved and satisfied on Social Audit by a lot of customers from EU and USA.

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