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          Following our concept of cutlery manufacture, Wingar-Kashing use some imported raw materials from well-known suppliers, such as POSCO from Korea, JFE from Japan, Klueber from Germany, and also some high-quality raw materials produced by the largest stainless steel suppliers in China, such as TISCO and Baosteel. Wingar-Kashing is equipped with Taiwan imported precision forging machine (600T), hydraulic presses (360T), rolling mills and other advanced equipments from Germany, enable us to make high-end products. At the same time, Wingar has vigorously introduced automated press equipment to replace labor, effectively reducing labor intensity, improving safety, and also improving production efficiency and competitiveness, such as automatic cutting, rolling, punching, and forming and so on. While, using high-quality raw materials, we has continuously promoted the dual production process and reduced processes, which means reducing the impact and abrasion of the steel surface, thereby creating favorable conditions for subsequent surface treatment.

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