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          With the development for 30 years, Wingar-Kashing established a set of production and technology suitable for our own development by absorbing "rigorous, efficient, environmental protection" advanced tableware manufacturing concept from Solingen, Germany. As the saying goes, “good tools are essential things”. Our factory are equipped with advanced high-precision mold making equipment, including MAKINO High-Speed CNC imported from Japan, SANGUANG WEDM, DMSPK CNC EDM, and Mikron Universal Milling Machine from Switzerland, which can effectively improve the efficiency and precision of mold processing.

          Our R&D department can use different drawing software, including Solidworks, Auto cad, Pro/Engineer, etc. We are capable to develop and create cutlery by drawings and sample mapping. With "rigorous, efficient, environmental protection" the concept of technology, we develop and use lots of dual-process molds, such as "full shape molding", "cutting along with stamping logo", "cutting along with punching tooth " , and so on, to ensure product quality, while improving the process production efficiency.

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